Salted Ginger Flavoured Plantain Chips

Salted Ginger Flavoured Plantain Chips. Barnana's Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Plantain Chips are a crispy crunchy nutrient dense delight. Red Oak Plantain Chips is located in Lagos and is a product of Red Oak Foods Ltd that specialises in the production of spicy, salted, ginger and unripe plantain. These salty plantain chips will keep your salt cravings in check while nourishing your body with a big dose of healthy fats and fiber!

Salted Ginger Flavoured Plantain Chips Yesterday I tried Lay's limited time Cappuccino flavored chips. Today, I try their Kettle Cooked Wasabi Ginger flavor. FILL: Add the plantain chips to the bowl of a food processor and pulse until they resemble graham cracker crumbs. You can cook Salted Ginger Flavoured Plantain Chips using 3 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Salted Ginger Flavoured Plantain Chips

  1. It’s of Sliced Unripe Plantain.
  2. You need of Salt 1/4tso.
  3. Prepare of Ginger Chunk(peeled).

Add the pitted medjool dates, ground ginger and salt. Process until you have a slightly sticky mixture that is flecked evenly through with the plantain crumbs. These baked plantain chips are a healthy, homemade snack for when you're craving something salty and Crispy and delicious baked plantain chips, which, you're gonna love. Plantain Chips – Pacific Sea Salt Care Enough Our social responsibility program Learn more at

Salted Ginger Flavoured Plantain Chips instructions

  1. Use a non stick pan,heat up oil,add ginger chunk while heating,put plantain one after the other in hot oil in medium heat,flip side,remove from heat when yellow and drain in a colander,sprinkle salt and toss, set aside, repeat till all have been fried, enjoy with drink of choice or snack alone….

If you like salty, crunchy snacks, you'll love these paleo plantain chips! They are really easy to make, pack well These Paleo plantain chips are the tastiest crunchy snack that are perfect for scooping up your favorite dips Instead, they are very starchy and have a mild flavor that is unique to the plantain. Plantain chips business is a strong business. You will never run down with this kind of business. There is always a large market that can help you with selling products.

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