Dry jalebi

Dry jalebi. Jalebi is a sweet that is made throughout India, Pakistan, and the Middle East. It is a traditional dish that is an important part of many festivals and. This Jalebi Recipe gives you one of the Best Homemade Jalebis – Crisp, Crunchy, Syrupy The method shared here is the traditional method for making jalebi and is similar to the taste and texture.

Dry jalebi A quick and tasty version that can be prepared without long hours of fermentation. But we find jalebi made from dry fruits in some of the towns of Madhya Pradesh. Heat ghee in the frying pan. You can have Dry jalebi using 1 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Dry jalebi

  1. Prepare 1 cup of besan, one spoon corn flour, one spoon suji, two spoon curd, 1/4 soda. one cup sugar 3/4 cup water. Some dry fruits.

For preparation of the jalebi a special cloth or box is available in the market. Tried and tested crispy homemade Jalebi recipe. Jalebi is a conventional Indian sweet that needs no defining introduction. Jalebi is a fried sweet dipped in sugar.

Dry jalebi step by step

  1. Besan, curd, soda, suji and cornflour ko mix karke water se thik batter bana le and half and hour ke liye rakh de. Now one pan me sugar and water dal kar chasni bana le. Joa batter bana hai usse jalebi banakar fry kar le. And sugar syrup me dalte jaye 2-3 mints ke baad usko nikal kar dry fruits se decorate karke serve kare..

Ghee or Vegetable oil for frying. How to make Jalebi Jalebi Recipe, Jalebi Meetha , How To Make Jalebi Recipe. Jalebi is a deep fried sweet made from Jalebi the specific and favorite sweet in even, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Jalebi Recipe – Simple Indian Recipe for Jalebi, otherwise called as Jilebi or Jangri. Jalebi is a warm crispy, delicious treat.

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